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When Can You Start Being Creative With The Guitar

Many guitar students that think that they need to play at a certain level before they can write their own music. The most common belief stated is that you need expereince playing guitar. Also, they believe being creative on the guitar is only an option later on down the road.
Those guitar students also think that they need to know lots od strumming patterns. It is easy to understand why they feel that way but is that reason enough to not start being creative?
There are also students who say that they don't want to write their own music. They may actually be thinking like the first two students or in some cases they may not care about this (yet).
The truth is that it is never too early to start being creative on the guitar. It could be as simple as re-arranging a song that you learned in your guitar lessons. If you are a beginning student who hasn't played very much, you should start here. Re-arranging is taking the parts of the song and putting them in a different order. It could also be leaving the parts of the song in tact and playing the notes (or chords) in a different order. As you grow as a guitar player, you will develop more skills and be able to create music of your own. The most important thing is to get started creating, no matter where you are now.
Having fun playing guitar and being creative can benefit your guitar playing in other ways . I'll mention those in a bit.
Here are some other ways that you can start creating one the guitar today:
If you know some chords already :
Take any three chords and put them in any order you want . Even if you like the first order that you came up with, try as many different orders as you can come up with. Afterwards you can look back and see which ones you like best and which ones you don't like. Make a list of both. This will come in handy at a later time.
Once you have the order of chords you want, make up different strumming patterns to play with the chords . How and when you change your strumming patters is completely up to you. The fun is the process of coming up with. Hearing different combinations and deciding what you like and don't like.
Add some arpeggios . If you don't know what an arpeggio is, it is when you play the notes of a chord individually . Using arpeggios is a great way to alter a strumming pattern while adding a different feel to what you play.
Try doing these three things today. You will find that you are able to come up with a variety of ideas.
If you don't already know chords:
Play notes from single note lines that you know in a different order . You could either play the notes of a melody line that you know in a different order. You could also play the line backwards. It is completely up to you to decide. The key is to have fun with it.
Change the rhythm of your notes . You may have already started by changing the order of the notes. You can also change the length of the notes, how long they ring out and even the speed .
The best thing about creating in this way is that you can't make any mistakes. The main goal is to have fun and let your imagination be your guide.
Have fun coming up with your own ideas and seeing how easy and fun it is create on the guitar
About the author: Byron Marks is a professional teacher who teachers beginning guitar lessons in Manchester, New Hampshire