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Metal Rhythm (part 4)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This lesson is about using the kickassiest of major modes, Phrygian mode, in metal rhythm.

Metal Rhythm (part 2)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This lesson explains several things about note lengths, and how to apply them into metal rhythm.

Metal Rhythm (part 1)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This lesson is about how to play firm and heavy metal rhythm guitar riffs. By referring to 'metal', we immediately get associated to palm muting, kick ass slow riffs with rests, fast picking and heavy-sounding chords, right?

Metal Rhythm (part 3)

• Author: @josip-pesut
This article is basically about chords you can use and implement in metal rhythms.

Learning the Notes On Guitar (part 1)

• Author: @josip-pesut
Sooner or later, you will need to know the notes on guitar, and know them by default. It will help you in musically communicating with other musicians, in understanding your guitar better and, of course, in making you see what does and what doesn't work faster

20 Tips For Better Phrasing

• Author: @josip-pesut
This article is only a tap into topic of phrasing. I will mention some of the options you have, and go deeper into them with other articles.

Overcoming E minor scale

• Author: @josip-pesut
The sole purpose of this article is to help you understand minor scale in general, and overcome the E minor scale, through the whole guitar neck.

Tapping on the Same Notes of Legato (part 1)

• Author: @josip-pesut
In this article I am going to explain the technique that I often use in improvisations – playing legato on one or more strings and adding tapped notes same as notes played with legato technique.
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