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How to Practice Your Scales and Why - Positions

• Author: @jenslarsen
I get a lot of questions on technique building and what to work on to become a better improvisor. This lesson is a demonstration of my vision on how to approach scale practice to get the most benefit out of it from an improvisor's point of view.

Jazz Chord Essentials – Drop 2 voicings – Part 1

• Author: @jenslarsen
In this lesson I want to demonstrate a set of voicings that are fairly easy to play on the guitar and very useful for playing chords with extensions. I also want to talk a bit about how you approach playing chords in terms of interpretation of chord extensions, substitutes, connecting or voice-leading the chords.

Maj7b5 Chords and Arpeggios – a powerful tool for superimposition

• Author: @jenslarsen
Here's a lesson on the Maj7b5 chord which is a sort of swiss army knife tool in jazz improvisation since it can be put to use as several different sorts of chords