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21 days learning method

Rating: 0 user(s) have rated this lesson Posted by: ZixRyder, on Feb 14,2012, in category Correct Practice Views: this lesson has been read 2492 times
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The problem with the “standard” learning routine is that you probably end up doing the lick at normal speed with a lot of mistake. Why? Because you tried to do something with your hands’ muscle which they didn’t learned yet. Yes, I talk about muscle memory. And, here is where the 21 days learning method comes in.

If you have a lick, which is very difficult try out this. Set your metronome to the fastest tempo where you can play the lick perfectly. Then just play it at the same tempo for 21 days straight. This will put the movement of your fingers in your muscle memory, and you will be able to play it faster.

After a week or two, you should try to talk while you practice. If you can talk, or sing then the lick is in you muscle memory, you should try to play it normally. If you can’t, well find a faster tempo where you can play the lick/solo perfectly, then do the same again.

Yes, as you can see this 21 days learning method may be shorter, or longer. If it’s shorter then you are awesome, but if it’s not, don’t be depressed. If you did everything correctly then not you’re the problem, the lick is. If you can’t play it well, just keep practicing until you get it right.

However, there is one big problem with this method. Since this method focuses on building the finger movement for the lick/solo it won’t work out if you change anything on the lick. Well it will, but it will take much more time, for example.

If you have this D minor lick/arpeggio:


And you change a few thing it will become more difficult for your fingers, and you have to start again. Let’s say you’ve did these changes:


You see? Putting in just a legato gives your fingers two different moves. I changed the lowest note to be downpicked to show you guys how is a correct picking done.

To sum it up, find the tempo where you can play the lick perfectly, play it until it gets in your muscle memory (you can sing/talk while you play it) then try to play it at normal speed. If after 3 weeks (21 days) you still don’t have the movement in you muscle memory, then just find a faster tempo where you can play it perfectly, and start all over again. And make sure you have the easiest way to play the lick, and don’t change your movement. Focus on both hand’s movement, and don’t do extra ones.


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