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5 things to do when you can't play the guitar

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Hi guys! In this article I will talk about what you can do when you can’t practice on your guitar. You should do these tips when you can not practice on your guitar because they can help you out.

1.    Learn to play another instrument
If you can, try and learn other instruments too. Don’t stick to the guitar only. Piano is a nice instrument too, and having a basic playing level on the drum can help out your rhythm playing. In plus, this will help you to expand your horizon, and it can help you if you write songs.

2.    Listen to different kind of music
Synyster Gates – lead guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold – said: Accept all influences. This is true in so many ways. If you keep listening to one band that’s fine and you still can be a decent guitar player, but it will keep your improvisation level limited. Learn different kind of licks in different styles if you can.

3.    Train your ears
This can be very helpful in improvising and singing. There is a very nice program called EarMaster, it can really help you out, but if you can try, and train your ears using your instrument. If you have a really good ear, you can improvise much better, and you become an overall better musician.

4.    Learn music theory
There is pretty much thing on the internet you can learn, so go for it. Read about chord progression, scales, chord construction, anything. Read about different music styles. It doesn’t really matter, the point is to posses some new knowledge.

5.    Write some poem/lick
If you’re a songwriter, then whenever you feel, just write some lyrics, doesn’t have to be a complete lyric for a song, it’s enough if you write only a few rows. In time, you will become more experienced in writing, and when it’s time to write an actual lyric for a song you won’t struggle with the lyrics. If you don’t write lyrics/songs, that’s fine but if you have a lick stuck in your head get a program like Guitar Pro and write down the lick in the program. Later when you can play your guitar you can play the lick, see what’s good/bad with it, and who knows? Maybe a nice instrumental song/guitar solo will come out from the lick.

In conclusion, the point is to actually do something, so you can progress while you don’t pick up your guitar at all. Don’t forget about music because you’re away from your guitar. You can be away from your guitar but, you should be always close to music.


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