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Mixing The Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales

• Author: @gsinker
This lesson we learn how to mix both the Major & Minor pentatonic scales to get that classic 70'2 - 80's solo style.

Best Scale Lesson That I Ever Learned

• Author: @gsinker
In this lesson i pass on to you a lesson that i consider the best i have ever learned when it came to scales and indeed modes.

5 Essential Blues Turn Arounds

• Author: @gsinker
This lesson i show you how to play 5 essential Blues turn around's that you can bring to your playing.

Drop 2 Chords

• Author: @gsinker
In this lesson we look at Drop 2 Chords

5 Essentails items for the beginner playing the Guitar

• Author: @gsinker
In This article we look at 5 essential items that a beginner should consider using. As a professional teacher these are items that i recommend to all my students.

Using Your Intervals to create Arpeggios

• Author: @gsinker
In this lessons we will expand on the use of intervals to create simple and easy ways to play arpeggios.

Half Whole Scale

• Author: @gsinker
In this lessons we will look at the half whole scale also known as the Half diminished scale.

Know Your Intervals

• Author: @gsinker
In this lessons we will look at learning the building blocks of music, known as intervals.