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Reading Standard Notation - Getting Started with Reading Music

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Although there are many great guitarists that can't read music, it definitely comes in handy if you want to communicate musically with other musicians. It also is useful for writing down musical ideas and compositions so you don't forget them later on.

Dorian b2 Mode

• Author: @chris-juergensen
The Dorian b2 Scale - This is a super exotic sounding mode of the melodic minor scale. Even though the name of this mode is the dorian b2 mode, it generally does not replace the dorian mode. It is used as a replacement for the phrygian mode.

Lydian Augmented Mode

• Author: @chris-juergensen
The Lydian Augmented Scale - This mode is the scale of choice for a maj7#5 chord but can be used effectively over a maj7th chord if you are not scared to bend the rules a little.

The Lydian Dominant mode (Includes Video)

• Author: @chris-juergensen
The Lydian Dominant Mode of the melodic minor scale will help you get a bit of a more jagged vibe when playing over dominant chords.

More on Minor Blues Scale (Video Lesson)

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Your ears do not deceive you my friend, it is pretty much a minor blues with a few twists.

Fingerstyle - Playing Walking Basslines on the Guitar

• Author: @chris-juergensen
What to do when you can't find a bassist (or don't want to pay one)? You can pretty much do the job yourself and it is not as difficult as you might think.

The Locrian #2 Mode and the minor ii-V-i

• Author: @chris-juergensen
The Locrian #2 Mode and the minor ii-V-i -This mode works perfect against a min7b5 chord. The combination of both the locrian #2 and altered mode work well over minor ii-Vs.

Altered mode / Super Locrian mode

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Let's start with one of the most popular modes of the melodic minor scale, the altered mode (sometimes called the Super Locrian mode)
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