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DADGAD tuning (includes video)

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Sometimes change is a good thing, especially if you have been playing guitar for a long time like I have, and like me, use your theory knowledge as a constant tool for writing.

Guitar Effects (part 3)

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Modulation devices, like we will be discussing, generally work in sync with time delay to create the desired effect.

What is Real Music to You?

• Author: @chris-juergensen
This is one of the hardest questions I've had to answer and really gave me a chance to think about what makes good music. I've also included some examples of music I think make the grade.

Guitar Effects (part 2)

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Treble Booster, Overdrive and Distortion

Guitar Effects (part 1)

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Guitar effects have always been an important aspect of the guitarist’s sound. In order to use them to their full potential, it is important to understand how they work, how the order in which they are placed in the signal chain affects tone and which ones work well with the style and genre you associate yourself with.

The Spirit Of Guitar

• Author: @chris-juergensen
To become a great guitarist, first you have to understand what the guitar is, where it came from and what kind of person plays one. You first have to swim in its spirit and rejoice in its romance.

Where Do You Go From Here

• Author: @chris-juergensen
Now that you've been possessed by the spirit of the guitar you may be asking yourself; "Where do I go from here?"


• Author: @chris-juergensen
There are certain musicians who have the uncanny ability of being able to identify any pitch you throw at them. That means that if you played a B flat on your instrument, they could tell you what it was immediately with little or no hesitation.
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